In 2017, Common Fund, with our new agency partner, Heart Ministry Center, began planning to integrate Omaha Public Schools into its outreach network. Not only do OPS children and families now have access to financial assistance to meet their basic needs (e.g., housing, transportation, food, clothing, etc.), but the assistance process has been streamlined to mitigate disruptive effects on students.

In 2018, Common Fund assisted a total of 294 individuals as part of the Omaha Public Schools Assistance Program. Of these individuals, 155 were children and 139 were adult family members of OPS students. Of those served, 118 participants were either homeless, at risk of homelessness or fleeing domestic violence.

In 2019, our Omaha Public School (OPS) Assistance Program provided emergency support to cover basic needs (e.g., clothing, mortgage assistance, personal care, transportation, etc.) for low-income families of OPS students. A total of 155 households were served during the year.